Rilakkuma Pens ★ (by Chu❤)

Rilakkuma Pens ★ (by Chu❤)

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Can I call you? I miss the sound of your voice.
— (via widths)

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Happy Birthday Lee Sungjong!!!

Happy Birthday Lee Sungjong!!!

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I know being with me is not easy. But I want you to understand no one has me, or has ever had me, except you.
— Breathe (Abbi Glines)

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Korean Barbie~

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Taro & Almond Bubble Tea by Alex Tran


Taro & Almond Bubble Tea by Alex Tran

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You only know that you’re in love when you suffer.
— Miguel Sousa (via sensitizes)

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"The worst day of loving someone is the day you lose them"

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"I give you everything I am, all my broken heart beats,
Until I know you’ll understand.”

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"Not being around you drives me nuts"

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